About Us

The #1 Employee Benefits firm on the West Coast

Employee Retention Benefits, Inc (ERB) is the #1 employee benefits firm on the West Coast. ERB began as an enrollment firm partnering with some of the top brokers in the United States. The ERB team has extensive experience in all phases of the business of employee benefits and with that ERB has a unique understanding of the grassroots needs for employee benefits. The entire ERB team is skilled in both the best practices of the past as well as evolving tactic, solutions and products. A guiding principle of ERB is an ongoing commitment to customer service and the customer experience. ERB believes that there is a disconnect between the customer, their employees and the plan design. ERB has developed a very specific program to understand the needs of every account, eliminating the cookie cutter solution and replacing that with a customized plan; for every customer.

Outperforming Our Competitors

ERB does all enrollments in house and never outsources to any other firm. This gives Employee Retention Benefits the ability to have eyes and ears on the progress of every enrollment, from the ground level all the way to the top. ERB has consistently outperformed all competitors due to their ability to listen and constantly improve our process.

A Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Employee Retention Benefits is one of the fastest growing companies in its space and has a long term vision for continued growth. ERB will achieve and exceed their goals by hard work, listening to their customers and by continuing to focus on customer satisfaction as their specialty and #1 priority.