Case Study: City (medium size 500+ employees)


This city had an employee benefit package implemented for their employees.  They also had a voluntary benefits program implemented.  There became multiple issues with their benefit partner over time. The issues included poor customer service; pushy sales agents and high premiums with minimal benefits.


The Employee Retention Benefits (ERB) team thoroughly analyzed the needs of this city. After extensive analysis which included direct conversations with the stake holders, ERB implemented a customized benefits program utilizing two different A+ rated insurance companies. The ERB team rolled out this customized program alongside their existing plan to give the employees a wider range of options and better coverage.  This program from ERB allowed the city to offer a dynamic additional plan for their employees that included:

  • Lower premiums and increased coverage
  • Portable insurance that followed the employee into retirement or career change
  • All the programs were Guaranteed Issue; No exams or health questions needed.
  • Coverage could be extended to the immediate family members.

A dedicated ERB customer service team was assigned to the account to assist HR in employee inquiries about their policies. The bottom line is that during and after this transition, no complaints were heard from management or the staff.


The new voluntary benefits insurance program was a major success. Employee satisfaction hit a new high from the beginning. Management had more satisfied employees. Happy employees are retained longer and work harder. Despite having another carrier, nearly the entire staff enrolled into the new voluntary programs and employees were thrilled with the professionalism of the ERB team.

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