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We help school districts and municipalities show value to their staff by offering the best benefits available with no cost to the organization.

We help School Districts and Municipalities create value to their staff by offering the best benefits available with no cost to the organization.

What We Do

The most popular approach is to implement a benefits package alongside what you are currently offering. The members love options and here are the highlights of what we can provide:

  1. All insurance programs are Guaranteed Issue (cannot be declined)
  2. Members can take all the benefits with them into retirement
  3. Coverage is also guaranteed for immediate family members
  4. The types of benefits include: Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Disability, cancer plans, Heart Attack/Stroke, legal plans to name a few.

There is no account too large as we have accommodated enrollments of 100,000 people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many companies who claim to do what we do, have pre-packaged solutions, are terrible listeners and push specific products that are good for them but not always good for your members. Employee Retention Benefits works hard to understand your organization’s needs, from your point of view. We strive to be world class listeners. Once we clearly understand the needs of your organization then we can customize programs and plans to best satisfy the needs of the organization as well as its members in the most effective and efficient way. We work to explore all options available to your organization to accomplish the following:

  • Create multiple revenue streams to the organization
  • Create Value to its members by offering the best benefits available in the US
  • Assist the organization with its current Payroll and HR compliance at wholesale rates
  • Maximize Benefits
  • Reduce costs

There are a variety of way to accomplish this but because we are a wholesaler of benefits we can generally get you much better rates and improve your benefits by working with us.

We do this by matching your organization and your specific needs with the best programs available in the market today. We create a customized benefit program that’s tailored to your City or School District’s needs. There is never any out of pocket cost and when we’re done the Staff receives the best possible benefit package. Your organization experiences exceptional staff retention, with reduced costs, and better benefits. We have over 50 years of experience to handle the most complex cases, and customer SATISFACTION is our specialty and #1 priority!

We have implemented a benefits program in as fast as 3 days. But we generally need 2 weeks to get started.

We understand that many organizations still use strong arm sales tactics, and these are rapidly going the way of the dinosaur. Our primary tactic is to ask questions, listen and then deliver powerful and effective options to you based on what you’ve told us. We prefer a 1 on 1 approach when educating the employees, and our clients appreciate that. All our agents are trained to present in the same way to ensure quality control. In fact, this is why many other insurance professionals have used our ERB System to enroll the benefits on their behalf.