Employee Self Service

At ERB, we believe technology should empower employees by putting helpful information and tasks at their fingertips. That's why we offer a range of Employee Self Service (ESS) solutions.

Understanding Employee Self Service in Employee Benefits

Our secure online ESS portal is customizable to each client's needs. Employees can access payroll details, benefits information, company news, time-off requests, and more 24/7 through self-service. This reduces the workload for HR teams while giving employees autonomy over their work life.

Specific ESS capabilities include:

  • Viewing pay stubs online 
  • Making changes to tax forms 
  • Accessing total compensation statements 
  • Updating direct deposit information 
  • Checking paid time off balances 
  • Submitting time-off requests 
  • Enrolling in and updating benefits 
  • Viewing company contacts and org charts 

The system sends email alerts, like open enrollment reminders, when actions are needed. The portal retains all updates, so there are no paperwork hassles. 

Benefits for Employees

With ESS, employees skip phone tags with HR and printouts to get information. The self-service portal allows them to: 

  • Access personal job, payroll, and benefits data anywhere securely 
  • View schedules, timecards, accrual balances 
  • Complete training modules on their own time 
  • Receive company news announcements 
  • Submit leave, vacation, or sick time requests and view the status 
  • Update emergency contacts and dependent info 

The system's interactive tools promote engagement. Employees own their work profiles instead of relying on administrators for every detail. 

Benefits for Companies

While helping employees, our ESS solutions also create back-office efficiencies: 

  • Reduce HR call volumes for basic inquiries 
  • Minimize Benefits Administration workload 
  • Limit manual data entry and paperwork 
  • Free managers from transactional tasks 
  • Provide analytics into workforce data 

ESS guarantees proper access controls so sensitive information stays protected. The centralized portal contains the most up-to-date employee information, minimizing errors. Companies tap into a more motivated, empowered workforce through self-service. 

ESS Integrations

Our Employee Self-Service platform seamlessly integrates with over 150+ HR, payroll, and business systems using out-of-the-box connectors: 

  • HRIS/HCM Systems and  
  • Payroll Platforms 
  • Timekeeping Solutions 
  • Learning Management Systems 
  • And more! 

Integrations allow two-way data sharing for accurate analytics. Platform openness and flexibility prevent vendor lock-in risks down the road. 

ERB's Commitment to Service

While advanced behind the scenes, our ESS portal offers consumer-grade ease of use. We train administrators and create how-to guides for employee adoption. As an ESS partner, ERB: 

  • Handles portal design, setup, and hosting 
  • Provides employee communications for rollout 
  • Offers administrator & employee training 
  • Delivers ongoing platform management & troubleshooting 
  • Continually enhances platform based on client feedback 

Don't settle for impersonal payroll pin sheets. Engage your workforce through self-service! 

Frequently Asked Questions

The ESS portal works seamlessly on all browsers and devices - desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Our hosting infrastructure delivers enterprise-grade physical and digital security. We enable sophisticated user access controls and support dual-factor authentication.

Employees can securely upload any necessary documentation, like life event paperwork when using self-service. The portal simplifies document management.

We provide different ESS integration points with onboarding software. New employees can automatically get credentials alongside other hiring paperwork.

While we promote adoption, ESS remains voluntary. For employees lacking digital access, HR can still handle information updates manually. But most prefer the independence of self-service!

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