Group Employee Meetings

Open enrollment can be challenging for organizations and employees. This annual event occurs late in the year when people are preparing for the holidays, adding to an already heavy workload. Understanding the available benefits can be confusing, and scrambling to meet enrollment deadlines tends to be stressful. One solution to help open enrollment flow smoothly is to hold a group open enrollment meeting.

The Benefits of Group Employee Enrollment Meetings

A group employee meeting is essential to give employees the details necessary to enroll and update their benefits. There are significant benefits to having a group enrollment meeting.

  • If open enrollment does not go well, it can severely impact an organization and employee morale. A group enrollment meeting helps to ensure a smooth annual process.
  • When open enrollment is successful, it contributes to your organization by increasing employee retention rates. The organization’s chance of success is increased by having a group enrollment meeting.
  • It assures that employees have the necessary information to make informed decisions on their benefits selections. The pros, cons, and costs of each plan can be thoroughly reviewed, including any tax and investment advantages. It also provides a platform for reviewing options such as vision, dental, cancer, mental health, or long-term care.
  • A group enrollment meeting ensures that employees are aware of the costs they are responsible for, in addition to the monthly benefits premium. There may be out- of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, prescription costs, medical devices, and out-of-network expenses.

Post-Enrollment Review

Post-enrollment review with employees is a critical piece of the group meeting and it has the following objectives.

  • It is an opportunity to verify that all eligible group members are enrolled. For those who opt out of the benefits plan, it is essential to confirm that they have opted out prior to the closing of the open enrollment window.
  • Post enrollment review allows for confirmation that the selected options and costs are fully understood by employees.
  • It allows time to resolve any discrepancies, remaining questions, or concerns.
  • During the post-enrollment process, employees may want to make changes, such as adding a new family member.
  • It gives organizations a chance to ask for employee feedback on the group meeting and enrollment process. This information provides your organization with lessons learned and ideas for future process improvements.

Partner with a Trusted Leader

Faciliating a group employee enrollment meeting and post enrollment review decreases costs for you and your employees. It assures that you can identify and resolve problems early while supporting employees and allowing them to be confident about their choices.

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