Hospital GAP Plan Insurance for Employees

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In the intricate world of employee benefits, pinpointing a truly distinctive and invaluable benefit is essential to your employee experience. Employee Retention Benefits, Inc. (ERB) recognizes the essence of such a quest. This leads us to spotlight the Hospital Insurance Gap Plan, a remarkable yet often overlooked component in the suite of employee benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Hospital Insurance Gap Plan is specifically designed to complement primary health insurance. While traditional health insurance pays for a portion of hospitalization expenses, there can still be significant out-of-pocket costs. This is where the Gap Plan shines. It provides additional financial assistance to cover those costs, ensuring hospital stays don’t translate to financial strain for your employees.

Imagine the Gap Plan as a safety cushion. When an employee is hospitalized, the primary health insurance will cover up to its limit. The Gap Plan then steps in, covering eligible excess expenses, including deductibles, co-pays, and other out-of-pocket costs. In essence, it bridges the "gap" left by primary insurance, making hospitalization more financially manageable.

There are many benefits to offering a Hospital Insurance Gap Plan for your employees, including: 

  • Financial Relief: Hospital stays can bring unexpected costs. The Gap Plan offers the peace of mind these costs won’t become a financial burden.
  • Enhanced Medical Care: With the financial aspect taken care of, employees can focus on receiving the best care without the stress of soaring bills.
  • Flexibility: Each Gap Plan can be tailored to complement the specific primary health insurance, ensuring optimal coverage.
  • Morale Boost: Employees feel valued when they know their employer has taken measures to safeguard their health and financial well-being.

While offering the Gap Plan is not legally required, introducing it as part of your employee benefits package sends a clear message. It showcases your proactive approach to employee welfare and underlines your commitment to their holistic well-being. In an environment where talent acquisition and retention are paramount, such benefits can set you distinctly ahead of the curve.

On top of that, Employee Retention Benefits boasts a comprehensive range of employee-centric solutions. ERB is your one-stop hub from medical and dental insurance to avant-garde financial tools like 401(k)s and pension plans, seamless payroll management to expert human resources guidance, and efficient expense management services to full-scale enrollment solutions. With collaborations spanning 120 carriers and a rich tapestry of 50 years of industry expertise, we’re well-equipped to catapult your employee benefits vision into reality.


For organizations in and around the Los Angeles County precincts – be it Pasadena, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, CA, or a surrounding area – ERB is poised to redefine your employee benefits landscape. Our mission is clear: To craft bespoke solutions rather than generic templates. Each business is distinct, and its benefits should resonate with its unique ethos. Let's embark on a journey to craft a brighter, more secure workspace for your invaluable team. Join us in making a difference today.