Labor Poster E-Update Service

Never Stress Over Constant Workplace Posting Changes Again

As a California employer, do you dread the yearly chore of tracking down new versions of required labor law notices whenever regulations get updated? It’s a tedious but necessary compliance task diverting HR teams from strategic priorities. Our labor poster e-update service eliminates the hassle by automatically sending you the latest state and federal postings revisions as soon as they get published.

Maintain labor law compliance displaying all mandatory CA & federal postings

What is the labor poster e-update service?

This is a subscription program delivering to clients replacement postings fitting specific worksite requirements whenever mandates modifying employer notices emerge from agencies like California Labor Department, OSHA, EEOC and others . Updates get sent as pdf or printed poster formats.

What postings does the e-update cover?

State and federal postings displays required by law fall within coverage including wage/hour, discrimination, medical leave, OSHA safety and unemployment insurance notices. Anytime these agencies officially announce new regulatory language, subscribers immediately receive revised postings.

How does the automatic update process work?

Users first complete a survey covering worksite county, industry, employee headcount and languages necessitating translation beyond standard English. Then whenever laws impose changes to existing notices you display, our system red-flags accounts requiring refresh, cuing postal or digital transmittals of updated postings to organizations.

Can you ensure our displays remain fully compliant?

Yes, by leveraging our e-update program, subscribers gain assurance knowing displayed postings fit exact mandates regulated by California and US employment agencies at all times. We monitor official registers continuously for 120+ statewide and federal poster updates annually across 300+ notice versions supporting complete compliance.

What if we operate facilities out of state also?

No problem - our labor poster subscriptions cover employer locations spanning all 50 US states. The same automated update protocols apply whether operating sites solely within California or managing multi-state human resource compliance across the country. Contact us for details on bundled discount rates available as needed.

Do postings need translating into other languages?

If workforces contain appreciable percentages of Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese or other non-English speaking populations, translated poster versions become legally necessary in most situations. Our system accounts for languages requiring translation based on intake surveys completed upfront.

Who determines when poster updates necessitate?

Employment regulation agencies initiate updates like California Labor Workforce Department, OSHA federal and state arms, EEOC, NLRB and others. Whenever new mandates or revisions published in state registrars or federal registers, our tech systems identify changes for processing refreshed posters to all affected subscribers in the region.

How often do workplace postings require changes?

On average, 100-150 revisions to existing state and federal labor law postings get ordered yearly by oversight agencies. More volatile years see over 200 modifications between California and federal employment notices. Without automated tracking, keeping displays perfectly current becomes unrealistic.

What industries typically need which posters?

All private sector employers need basic state and federal postings. Then based on risks, unionization and verticals, additional display needs emerge – like agriculture has pesticide handling notices, healthcare contends with HIPAA protocols and so on with 140+ postings potentially applicable across all of California economy.

Beyond posters, what other services are available?

We offer HR consulting and outsourcing, online compliance training courses, employee handbook generators, workplace investigations assistance plus health/retirement solutions. The idea is providing full-service scalable capabilities so clients can offload administrative burdens while containing HR costs/liability long run.


At ERB, we’ve been safeguarding California employers against labor law posting violations for years across Los Angeles, Long Beach, Pasadena, Riverside, San Bernardino and all California. Let our HR experts simplify mandatory notification compliance across organizations regionally or nationwide via automated labor poster e-update subscriptions. Say goodbye to posting version headaches and direct focus back to growing organizations.

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