Los Angeles, CA – Basics of an Accident Insurance Plan from a LA County Provider

Accident insurance is supplemental health insurance that pays benefits for covered injuries and illnesses due to an accident. When it comes to workplace safety and the protection of your employees, accident insurance can be a great addition to any business’s benefit offerings. As a Los Angeles County provider, we are here to provide you with the basics of understanding an accident insurance plan and how it works, so you can strategize your employee insurance strategy for success. 

What is Covered by Accident Insurance? 

Accident insurance covers medical expenses for injuries or illnesses caused by accidents, such as broken bones, cuts, burns, concussions, and other external injuries. It can also cover hospitalization costs when necessary. The amount covered depends on the specific plan chosen. Some plans may also include additional benefits such as dental visits, physical therapy visits, and prescription drug coverage.  

Who is Covered by Accident Insurance?

Accident insurance plans typically provide coverage for all your organization’s employees regardless of age or pre-existing conditions. Depending on your plan, some plans may also cover non-employees, such as volunteers or contractors working at your organization’s premises, with your permission.                

How Does Accident Insurance Work? 

Accident insurance plans work by providing cash payments directly to the insured person or their designated beneficiary after a covered injury or illness has been incurred due to an accident. The amount of money paid will depend on the plan purchased and the severity of the injury or disease incurred in the accident. Additionally, some programs may offer additional benefits like discounts on certain medical services or access to 24/7 telemedicine support from licensed healthcare professionals from anywhere in the world via video chat or phone call. 

Why Is It Important To Offer Accident Insurance? 

Employee accident insurance is a significant benefit to offer your staff. Accidents are a part of life, and when they occur during the work day – or while traveling on a business trip – it’s essential everyone in the organization is covered. Accident insurance provides your employees with peace of mind and helps protect the organization from potential financial losses due to employee injury or illness. An effective accident insurance program also encourages workers to pursue healthy practices such as safe habits and preventative measures to reduce unexpected accidents in workplace environments. Offering accident insurance to your employees shows them you are concerned about their well-being and demonstrates you value their contributions.


Employee Retention Benefits has been offering best-in-class accident insurance to companies in the Los Angeles area for over 50 years, making them a leader in their field. With such an impressive track record, it’s no wonder businesses have returned to ensure their employees are covered in an emergency. Our reputation for providing essential coverage with excellent customer service makes us stand out above other providers in the Los Angeles area. For both employers looking for reliable accident insurance, get in touch with Employee Retention Benefits (ERB) to learn more about our accident insurance plans.

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