Los Angeles, CA – Fire Departments: Benefits of Getting Long-Term Care Insurance

Firefighters are heroes. They risk their lives daily to make sure our neighborhoods and the people living in them are safeguarded against natural disasters, human-caused accidents, and other mishaps that would otherwise result in pure devastation to the neighborhood.

Because of firefighters, we know we are taken care of, and we know that there are heroes looking out for us. Isn’t it only right that we do the same for them?

What is long-term care insurance?

Long-term care insurance is a specialized type of insurance that helps cover costs that are not associated with the medical field. For instance, if someone has a debilitating condition, perhaps one that has been exacerbated by years of enduring intense heat, smoke, and loads of stairs, then that person may require routine care that extends outside of medical care.

An afflicted individual may need a live-in nurse, a room in a nursing home, or other services to improve their quality of life. While regular health insurance coverage would not assist in these massive expenses, long-term care insurance will.

How can firefighters benefit from long-term care insurance?

When it’s time to hang up the helmet and move on, a firefighter or their loved ones may have to manage debilitating conditions that impede their ability to live a normal life and function without restrictions.

Medicare will assist in mitigating the effects of these costs but, with costs on the rise year over year, the sheer expense is staggering. It’s enough to effectively wipe out a person’s retirement savings, pension, and leave them bagging groceries in their 70s just to make ends meet.

After years of service to the community, that’s something we’re never happy to see or hear about. This is unfortunately a harsh reality for many Americans today.

ERB Will Help

We can’t afford to have our firefighters worried about their health and longevity, or that of their loved ones, when we need them to combat a conflagration in a high rise. We need them to focus on their job. It’s too important to be distracted with worries about how they’ll be taken care of years later when they’ve called it a day and slipped into their retirement.

That’s why Employee Retention Benefits offers services and support to all kinds of organizations, including fire departments, to make sure that the intricacies of payroll, HR, and benefits administration stays in the hands of qualified professionals.

Their team is qualified and professional and ready to create a package that makes sense for your organization and the employees working within it.

Just as ERB would never endeavor to fight fires, we don’t expect the fire department would need specialized industry knowledge to come up with a comprehensive plan that protects their workers long after their firefighting days are through.

Let ERB handle the logistics. You’ll be glad you did!

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