Los Angeles, CA – Group Life Insurance Available for Fire Department Employees

Firefighters have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and appreciate life insurance to make sure their families are taken care of. Yet their high-risk profession also means that most traditional personal life insurance policies for firefighters come with staggeringly high premiums.

Employee Retention Benefits is proud to offer affordable group life insurance policies to LA County Fire Departments. It’s an innovative way to provide firefighters with access to the life insurance they deserve with a low-cost monthly premium.

Group life insurance like this is typically offered through provided by employers to provide essential coverage to specific members within a group. The underwriting requirements for these policies are lower than traditional personal life insurance plans.

What Are the Benefits of Group Life Insurance?

The pooled risk of a group life insurance policy helps keep the premium costs low, which makes them affordable for most firefighters. Most don’t require a medical exam or other underwriting stipulations.

Fire departments that offer access to affordable group life insurance often enjoy higher employee retention rates. Firefighters working in these departments often feel incentivized to stay within the department, to ensure their families can benefit from the policy, should the worst come to pass.

Fire departments that offer group life insurance through ERB have lower costs associated with hiring and training new personnel over time. Instead, they can invest valuable time and money in advanced training and growth-oriented initiatives for their firefighters.

The group life insurance policies we offer fire departments typically have generous coverage limits. This gives firefighters confidence in knowing their families will be taken care of, without the hardship of high monthly premiums.

How Long Does Group Life Insurance Last?

Group life insurance is set up without any strict term limits. As long as a firefighter remains with the fire department and continues to pay their premiums to remain in the group, their membership in the group life insurance pool remains active.

The policy can be canceled by the group, or the fire department, based on the specific covenants they put in place when the policy is set up. If a single member wants to leave the group or fails to pay their premium, their membership can be canceled without canceling the entire group policy.

Partner with Group Insurance Industry Leader

ERB is proud to be the premier provider of fire department group life insurance programs on the West Coast. We offer customizable policies to meet the unique requirements of firefighters and their families.

Not only are these group life insurance policies affordably priced but they typically don’t require a medical exam. It’s the perfect opportunity to provide firefighters with the life insurance coverage they deserve.

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