Los Angeles, CA – Long Term Care Insurance for Police Department Employees

They willingly walk into harm’s way when danger strikes. They steadfastly stand as pillars upholding justice when turmoil surrounds. And they reliably rush to assist their fellow citizens in times of trauma and need. The commitment with which Los Angeles police department employees serve our communities seems boundless. But how can we ensure their futures are equally secure?

At Employee Retention Benefits (ERB), we believe it is our collective responsibility to support and safeguard the wellbeing of LA’s police both today and for the long run. Read on to discover how our tailored long term care solutions empower those selflessly devoted to protecting others.


1. Job-Specific Risks Threatening Wellbeing
The physical and mental rigors of police work elevate risks of chronic illness and loss of independence uniquely not addressed in traditional healthcare plans. ERB’s customized long term care policies fill this critical gap.


2. Coverage Aligned to Distinct Needs
No two officers share the same experiences and priorities. That’s why our advisors consult extensively to construct responsive plans aligned to distinct needs across roles and personal risk factors.


3. Comprehensive Support Across Care Settings
Our long term care solutions deliver financial assistance and specialized coordination spanning home health aides, assisted living communities, adult day centers, and more – easing future care burdens.


4. Simplified Complexity for Confident Decisions
Insurance intricacies can be overwhelming. ERB simplifies processes through streamlined materials and advisors who educate to empower policyholders to enroll confidently.


5. Continual Guidance Across Career Journeys
An officer’s needs progress across their tenure. We remain trusted partners from first briefings through retirement, updating plans aligned to life’s changes.


6. Building Lasting Trust
Complex policy jargon erodes trust. Our transparent communication, enriched educational resources and dedicated individual support foster enduring and meaningful connections.


7. Adaptable Plans Responding to Progressing Needs
Years on the force inevitably impact health. We continually evaluate coverage adequacy as circumstances evolve, modifying benefits aligned to intensifying needs.


8. Collaborative Partnership with Departments
One-sided solutions neglect nuance. We collaborate intimately with LA police leadership to co-design programs reflecting granular departmental wellbeing challenges.


9. Peace of Mind Today and Tomorrow
Our comprehensive long term care solutions give back peace of mind to deserving officers, empowering them to serve communities without sacrificing their own futures.


At ERB, we proudly stand shoulder-to-shoulder alongside Los Angeles’ police officers and all those who have pledged their careers to public service. We consider it our great honor to offer tangible support and enduring peace of mind to these selfless citizens who already sacrifice and give so much of themselves each day.

Our customized long term care solutions aim to alleviate some of the worries about unexpected health events and escalating care costs that may loom in the back of officers’ minds. By proactively addressing the uniquely challenging rigors of life on the police force, our tailored plans empower LA’s finest to continue confidently serving local communities, knowing vital assistance is already in place should it be needed down the road.

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