Pasadena, CA – Discussing Importance of Cancer Insurance for Police Departments

Cancer insurance is a relatively new addition to health insurance programs. It doesn’t replace traditional health insurance but complements it by covering treatment-related expenses not included in your primary policy. Cancer insurance policies often cover expenses associated with detecting, diagnosing, and treating cancer. This policy also assists with living expenses during treatments. With the cost of treating cancer continuing to rise, this coverage helps those who are affected by cancer.

Employee Retention Benefits discusses the importance of cancer insurance for police departments. Let’s start with the basics of this extra protection.

Lump Sum Payout: Most plans provide a lump sum of money upon cancer diagnosis. You can use this for medical costs, lost wages, deductibles, and co-pays.

Coverage Beyond Primary Policy: Some policies offer coverage beyond your primary health insurance. However, exclusions may apply.

Eligibility: Generally, you can’t have a pre-existing condition predisposing you to cancer. Previously diagnosed and treated cancer patients are often ineligible.

What’s Covered: Cancer insurance covers both medical and non-medical expenses such as treatments, tests, home health care, and childcare costs. The policy may include coverage for experimental treatments, prescriptions, transportation to receive care, meal delivery services, and much more.

Exclusions: Generally, cancer insurance won’t cover any cancer diagnosed before the employee applies for the policy. Traditional cancer insurance plans do not cover outpatient expenses, such as co-payments for seeing a specialist. Typically, non-melanoma skin cancer costs aren’t covered, and early cancers may receive reduced payouts.

Why is Cancer Insurance Important?

This coverage protects employees from financial stress while battling this dreadful disease. It helps to provide stability and confidence during the challenging treatment period. Employers who include cancer insurance as a benefits option care about their employees. In turn, police department employees may be more dedicated, productive, and have no desire to seek a different employer. Your company benefits by having a higher retention rate, reducing costs associated with hiring and training new employees. Additionally:

  • If cancer runs in your family, having cancer insurance can provide peace of mind. It helps cover unexpected costs associated with cancer treatment.
  • If you lack sufficient savings to handle the costs of cancer treatment, this insurance can bridge the gap. Treatment and recovery often result in lost wages and unforeseen expenses.
  • Cancer insurance complements your existing health policy. It covers medical and non-medical expenses related to living with cancer, including co-pays, deductibles, hospital stays, diagnostics, childcare, and travel expenses.
  • Cancer treatment can be expensive. Having additional coverage can ease the financial burden, especially as treatment costs continue to rise.
  • Cancer insurance plans typically cover various types of cancer, ensuring you’re protected regardless of the specific diagnosis1.

Employee Retention Benefits provides cancer insurance options for individuals in Pasadena and the greater Los Angeles County area, including Los Angeles, Riverside, Long Beach, San Bernardino, and beyond. We proudly offer plans tailored to meet our client’s needs. Contact us today if you need assistance selecting an appropriate cancer insurance plan for your police department employees.

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