Pasadena, CA – Employers: Importance of Offering Employee Insurance Benefits

Employment-seekers in the United States strongly consider the availability of a benefits package when choosing to apply for or accept a position. In order to be ranked a best-in-class employer and remain competitive in today’s market, you must provide a comprehensive insurance benefits package.

Employee Insurance Benefits Encompasses Many Factors

In some cases, federal and state laws require employers to offer benefits, namely Family and Medical leave, Social Security and Medicare Tax Payments, Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance, Workers Compensation and paid time off for civic responsibilities such as jury duty.

However, it is up to companies to decide whether to give their employees additional benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, retirement packages, and paid vacation time. While many employers attempt to cut corners by only offering their workers the bare minimum, additional benefits have proven indispensable when it comes to job satisfaction, worker retention, morale, and recruiting talent at the highest level. Offering additional benefits will give you a wider pool of workers to select from and ensure you keep your employees for longer.

Employee Insurance Benefits are Integral to Job Satisfaction

Workers who feel that their basic life needs matter to their employers report vastly higher levels of job satisfaction. Implementing benefits indicates that you care about their well-being and that of their families and that they are not just a number to you.

Employee Insurance Benefits Facilitate a Sense of Work-Life Balance

During the Covid lockdowns of 2020 and beyond, many people reported feeling liberated by their ability to work from home. With no daily commute to the office, they had more time and energy to spend with their loved ones, exercise, improve the quality of their sleep and take up new hobbies. As people return to in-person working environments, many express a desire to maintain the sense of a more balanced life. Extending benefits program options to your team is a way to ensure this. Vacation time and paid-time-off help your employees to maintain a sense of having a life outside of work.

Employee Insurance Benefits Increase Productivity

Keeping your team safe and healthy is integral to keeping your business running. Employees covered under a health insurance plan are far more likely to take action early when it comes to any health issues. By dealing with potential problems right away, they stop the issue from becoming something that will worsen and cost them more time away from work in the long run.

There Are Many Employee Insurance Benefits to Navigate

At Employee Retention Benefits, we offer decades of experience and industry know-how to help you choose the best insurance plans for your team. As the number one firm on the West Coast, we boast a considerable portfolio of options and years of expert guidance. Furthermore, we advise on human resource, payroll, and expense management solutions. For businesses in the Pasadena CA area and beyond, we are here to help.

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