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Today’s marketplace is totally saturated. It may be difficult to chisel out a place in the industry for your organization unless you have incredible exposure and you’re constantly on the cusp of innovating revolutionary methods for doing business.


We love to think of ourselves as pioneers, but often the reality is that we might disappear in the endless sea of similar companies. And because of this, employees feel no loyalty, ready to jump when the bigger, better offer arrives.


What can we do to retain these employees and ensure that our churn rates are minimal? How can we make sure that when we are on the edge of something brilliant that we will have the support, staff, and resources available to allocate and move things forward?


ERB Has What You Need


The answer to this common and important question lies with Employee Retention Benefits, an employee benefits service provider that allows you to outsource Payroll and HR functions to a dedicated staff. With ERB, you’re in good hands from payroll processing, benefits administration, and all other policy and procedure related matters.


With ERB, you have qualified professionals managing these essential but specialized and time-consuming facets so you and your team are able to do what you do best– innovate the market, of course!


How ERB Will Help


To ensure you are retaining each and every invaluable individual in your operation, you need to offer a comprehensive set of benefits and insurance that competitors cannot or will not provide. If the employee perceives you as one of many options in the industry, they will often jump at the first sign of a better offer on the horizon.


Instead, if your company has a comprehensive package and array of benefits that eclipses the offerings of your competitors, you leverage your position in the industry. Now even an equivalent company with similar work responsibilities and demands will pale in comparison to the position that you have already provided for your staff.


It’s that simple, and ERB has plans and packages of all kinds to ensure your offering is one of the best around at an affordable price to you.


The Importance of the 401(K)


Among the possibilities for benefits packages, the 401(K) is one of the most popular. Including this option for your employees signals that you not only understand but also encourage them to set aside pre-tax income to plan for their retirement.


This illustrates a vested interest in their overall well-being beyond just the time that they will spend working at your company. It also lets them know that you want them to succeed in their future endeavors and enjoy a cushy retirement. Heck, they’ll have earned it by then, right?


ERB offers a comprehensive assortment of options, all of which can be customized to fit your needs and wants. If you want the most basic of the basic 401(K) options, that is available. If you’d like to offer company matching and other competitive extras to sweeten the deal, that works too.


Whatever your needs, ERB has it covered. Contact ERB now and find out how they will add value to your organization today!

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