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Types of Life Insurance to Protect Your Employees and Organization

Securing life insurance is a fundamental way organizations can support and protect employees as they deal with the loss of loved ones. Various types of life insurance policies are available that employers may provide workers and families as part of a thoughtful benefits package. Employee Retention Benefits (ERB), a leading employee benefits firm based in Pasadena, CA, has extensive expertise in helping companies select and implement effective life insurance coverage.

What Types of Life Insurance Can Employers Offer?

As the #1 company providing customized benefits solutions on the West Coast, ERB works with organizations of all sizes to secure affordable life insurance tailored to their budget and priorities. Some of the main life insurance options ERB explores with clients include:

Term Life Insurance

This standard employer-sponsored policy remains in effect for a defined period, or “term”—whether one year, five years, ten years or up to 30 years, depending on an organization’s needs. Term life is an affordable way to deliver core financial support.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance provides lifelong protection as long as regular premiums are paid. While more expensive than term policies, whole life accumulates cash value over time employees can access if needed.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

AD&D insurance delivers additional funds to beneficiaries if an employee passes away due to a covered accident. Employees who survive an accident but suffer loss of limbs or eyesight receive payouts to aid recovery.

Simplified Issue vs. Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

The qualification process differs between simplified and guaranteed issue policies. A simplified issue involves a basic health questionnaire, while a guaranteed issue does not factor health into eligibility. ERB strategizes with companies on best fits.

Optional Life Insurance

Many firms let workers purchase extra coverage at group rates to supplement employer-paid benefits. Optional policies allow customization of financial safety nets.

Exploring the Spectrum of Life Insurance Solutions

Life insurance remains essential, with rising healthcare costs and economic uncertainty impacting organizations and families. ERB Insurance stays on the cutting edge of the evolving array of term lengths, payout structures, premium scales, and other coverage options now available.

ERB’s experts excel at demystifying life insurance. By understanding your unique needs, they craft customized policy combinations that provide top-notch protection for your employees. The firm continually vets and adds new trusted insurance carriers to ensure access to the greatest coverage selection.

Whether an enterprise prioritizes basic term life, whole life’s cash accumulation, AD&D’s accident payouts, or innovative new solutions, ERB simplifies a complex process to identify the right fit.

Getting Started with ERB Insurance

Get in touch with our team to learn more about available life insurance policies for your organization and consult with ERB’s dedicated professionals,

ERB will evaluate budgets, workplace demographics, existing benefits, and future goals to design a customized life insurance coverage package to serve both employee families and your bottom line. Don’t leave the protection to chance – partner with California’s top benefits innovator and explore options today.

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