Post Enrollment Review

Medical insurance post-enrollment review plays a critical role in ensuring all members of the group are enrolled, and their anticipated medical insurance needs are fully met. It’s also the ideal time to confirm each member's customizable options and catch any discrepancies in coverage.

Employee Retention Benefits is proud to be one of the West Coast’s top medical insurance providers. We use post-enrollment data to create customized programs to meet any need.

Ensuring Member Enrollment

The post-enrollment process starts with making sure all employees or group members who are eligible for coverage are enrolled. Some employees might opt out of the plan because they have coverage through a spouse or an individual policy. In a case like this, it’s important to confirm they’ve opted out before the open enrollment window closes.

Confirming Options

Plans with customizable options also need to be confirmed during the post-enrollment process. It’s important to confirm if individuals are selecting additional coverage options such as vision, dental, cancer, mental health, or long-term care.

Reviewing Discrepancies

If a member or employee notices a discrepancy in their coverage it can be caught and adjusted during the post-enrollment period. The goal is to make sure all members enjoy the full coverage they need at an affordable price.

Ensuring Members Are Aware of Their Financial Responsibility

The post-enrollment process also includes making sure all members are aware of the costs they are responsible for. This goes beyond just their monthly premiums.

Members also need to be aware of the potential out-of-pocket costs of things like:

  • Deductibles
  • Copayments
  • Coinsurance
  • Prescription Costs
  • Medical Devices
  • Out-of-Network Expenses

Scheduling Special Enrollment Windows

The post-enrollment process is also a good time to consider scheduling any future special enrollment periods. These are windows of time when currently enrolled members can make changes to their policy.

It can also be used as a time to add new members. This might be a new employee or family member of a currently enrolled member.

Making Future Changes to the Plan

At ERB we recognize that no two groups have the same medical insurance needs and that individual and family needs change over time. Regularly scheduled post-enrollment reviews help us make changes to your group’s policy to make sure everyone has the affordable coverage they need.

Partnering with a Trusted Leader

As the West Coast’s leader in providing comprehensive medical insurance for public and private sector organizations, ERB uses the post-enrollment review process to fine-tune coverage for all members. We don’t outsource to a third-party provider.

This gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing our experts are always available should you have a question or concern. We stay in constant contact with you at every step of the way from pre-enrollment planning through the post-enrollment review process and beyond.

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