Pre-Enrollment Planning

Pre-enrollment planning is a critical phase of the decision-making process when developing or modifying a medical insurance plan. At Employee Retention Benefits we use a proactive approach to assess your medical insurance needs, group size, and any anticipated changes.

Our experts then perform a cost and affordability analysis to find the best possible prices for your enrollment group. This includes reviewing the available networks in your area, as well as a comparative analysis.

This also helps us set a deadline for enrollment, with pre-planned special enrollment periods. We also set up a post-enrollment review to make changes to the plan as your medical insurance needs evolve over time.

Assessing Your Medical Insurance Needs

The assessment phase of the pre-planning process takes into account group size, as well as the anticipated medical insurance needs of that group. This includes factoring in any preexisting conditions, the need for prescription medication coverage, and any other anticipated healthcare expenses.

We also take into account any anticipated changes that might affect your enrollment group’s coverage needs. This includes things like marriage, the birth of a child, or multiple members retiring in the next 5 years.

ERB has an experienced team that rigorously vets each group to make sure we have the clearest possible picture of your medical insurance needs. We can take these needs into account when building a customized health insurance program for your group.

Researching Networks

The next phase of the pre-planning enrollment process calls for extensively reviewing the available networks in your area. We want to make sure everyone in the proposed enrollment group will have reasonable access to affordable care.

This information will also be a factor when researching and comparing plan options for your region. The goal is to find the best possible in-network providers in your area to reduce out-of-pocket costs without having to travel to receive necessary care.

Comparing Potential Plans

ERB’s team of pre-enrollment specialists rigorously research your plan options based on the available networks in your area, and the specific needs of your enrollment group. This includes researching government exchanges available through the Affordable Care Act where applicable.

We find closely comparable plans and then do our best to beat them in coverage as well as cost.

Our pre-enrollment specialists consider:

  • Copayment Costs
  • The Availability of Coinsurance
  • Setting Out-of-Pocket Limits
  • Coverage for Doctor Visits
  • Coverage for Hospital stays
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Coverage for Specialty Care

Creating Custom Solutions to Meet Your Needs

ERB is the #1 provider of custom medical insurance plans on the West Coast. Our comprehensive pre-enrollment process can be adapted to meet the needs of any size group.

Whether you’re a large corporation in need of a competitive group health plan for your workforce or a small business wanting to offer the best health coverage to your employees, our team of experts will find the perfect policy to meet your specific needs.

We’ll help you navigate the complex landscape of insurance options. Creating an affordably priced program based on the needs of your group, and the available in-network providers.

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