Products & Services

Employee Retention Benefits has the largest portfolio of benefit and payroll services. Offering over 129 carrier relationships across the United States.

Employee Benefits Solutions

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  • Compliance Expertise
  • Pay Cards
  • Labor Poster E-update service
  • SUI Claims Management
  • Manager helpline
  • Anonymous Compliance Tip-line
  • Background Check
  • Non-discrimination Testing
  • Health Care Reform Support
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  • Section 125 plans
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Health Reimbursement Account
  • Pre-Tax Transportation Benefits
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  • Pre-Enrollment Planning
  • Post Enrollment Review
  • Group Employee meetings
  • 1-on-1 Employee Enrollments

Who We Serve

ERB does all enrollments in house and never outsources to any other firm. This gives Employee Retention Benefits the ability to have eyes and ears on the progress of every enrollment, from the ground level all the way to the top. ERB has consistently outperformed all competitors due to their ability to listen and constantly improve our process. We serve a variety of markets.

Our Service Partners

Employee Retention Benefits has the largest portfolio of benefit and payroll services. Offering over 129 carrier relationships across the United States.

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  • Aetna Logo
  • The Hartford
  • Anthem Logo
  • The Standard Logo
  • Blue Cross Logo
  • Metlife Logo
  • Healthnet Logo
  • Ameritas Group Logo
  • Cigna Logo
  • Mass Mutual Logo
  • Transamerica Employee Benefits Logo
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Oscar M.


ERB exceeded our expectations in what a benefit company could offer.  They had local relationships even though I was in a different state from their home base.  They helped us save over 200k in cost on an annual basis!! My only regret was not using them sooner.

Bud G.

VP of Development

We’ve unfortunately had a bad experience with a well-known company that you see on tv.  I was reluctant to bring someone else in but after dealing with Eric and the ERB team, I feel relieved.  They were able to make me look great to my superiors and to the employees.  Thank you ERB!

John G.

Union President

It’s always tough dealing with a new company because you generally don’t know what you’re dealing with.  ERB has been transparent with every dealing and has helped us raise money for our members.  What more could I ask for!

Hector D.

School Board Member

We believe there is value in having a company that is local and there for us when we need them. ERB is local and understands the needs of our Staff and the customer service is unparalleled. Thank you ERB!

Rose A.

HR Manager

It is hard to find someone to not only depend on but to follow through on their promises. Our employees were impressed with the enrollers knowledge on all things insurance. It was not your typical process that we have been through before and comforting to feel they had our best interest at heart.

Michael S.

Union Board Member

Eric was able to implement and restore the trust and reputation to our union. We unfortunately had a bad experience with a similar program and Eric assured us that he and his team would be able to take care of it. Our members are on 24 hour shift and ERB was there to see each and every one of them. They re-established the trust and more importantly did what was right for our members.