San Bernardino, CA – Cancer Insurance Available for Fire Department Employees

Specialized Cancer Insurance to Protect Those Who Protect Our Communities

Firefighters risk their lives every day to save others from harm. But the very service protecting our neighborhoods also exposes firefighters to dangerous carcinogens that increase cancer risk. Thankfully, a range of new insurance options are emerging to shield first responders and their loved ones. Employee Retention Benefits (ERB) offers tailored coverage fire departments across California rely on.

Firefighters Face Elevated Cancer Diagnoses

The combination of toxic smoke from burning plastics and chemicals alongside stress and exposure to infectious illnesses leads to firefighters developing cancer at much higher rates. Testicular, prostate, and skin cancer appear more frequently compared to the general population. In addition to other cancers, mesothelioma, leukemia, and brain cancer are three more potentially deadly diseases firefighters may face.

Insurance Needs Outpace Traditional Plans

Cancer can force firefighters on long-term leave – overextending sick days and short-term disability coverage. Families also take an enormous financial hit, even with workers’ compensation and healthcare plans. Specialized cancer insurance is now an emerging option benefiting fire crews.

Supplemental Cancer Policy Options

As leaders providing customized benefits programs on the West Coast and nationwide, Employee Retention Benefits explores this new category of supplemental insurance with fire department clients. Coverage areas ERB reviews include:

  • Cancer Insurance pays directly for expenses upon diagnosis—treatments, hospital stays, experimental regimens, and more. It also continues support if firefighters exhaust other benefits.
  • Critical Illness Insurance: Also covers cancer diagnosis and treatment costs along with heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, and other named conditions.
  • Disability Insurance: If cancer treatment and recovery prevent firefighters from reporting for duty, disability coverage replaces lost wages for extended durations.
  • Term Life Insurance: Death benefits assist families struggling with funeral payments, mortgage/bills, and everyday expenses after losing a loved one to cancer.

Narrowing an Overwhelming Array of Choices

Today, “Cancer insurance” includes policies of various shapes and sizes with varying premiums, payout amounts, qualifying diagnoses, etc. With ERB, the benefits package puzzle is finally solved. This means departments can shift their attention from administrative tasks to the people and communities they serve.

As California’s top benefits consulting firm, ERB leverages relationships with leading specialty insurers. The ERB team vets every carrier to benchmark financial strength, claims service reputation, and value…then bargains aggressively to get departments the best rates.

Whether current benefits need reworking or new coverage looks attractive, fire chiefs can schedule a custom assessment with ERB to discuss the following:

  • Cancer risks facing your specific firefighter groups
  • Existing policy gaps and budget tradeoffs adding new benefits
  • How to optimize selections across multiple insurer offerings

Serving Those Who Serve Us

ERB feels honored to protect its protectors and support firefighters facing heightened dangers from cancer. Contact ERB Insurance to explore specialized options benefiting all personnel.

Solidarity and care for others make fire departments strong. ERB strengthens this solidarity through access to dedicated cancer insurance and benefits guidance other agencies lack—our service pledges to match the service you provide to neighborhoods every day. Reach out now to discuss coverage and peace of mind tailored for the first responder community.

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