San Bernardino, CA – Overview of Small Group Medical Insurance from Providers

Small group medical insurance plans cater to small businesses with a modest number of employees. Employee Retention benefits offer a wide range of these plans that can be customized to meet the needs of small businesses and organizations with a low number of members.

Most of the small group medical insurance plans we create cover doctor visits, preventative care, hospital stays, prescription medications, and other access to basic care. The specific details and degrees of coverage can be easily adjusted to meet your employee’s needs and budget.

How Is Small Group Medical Insurance Different from Large Group?

Small group medical insurance plans are typically limited to 50 members or less. Whereas large group policies tend to have no upward limits.

The small group medical insurance plans we create for small businesses are customized to meet the needs of the employees. Yet large group plans tend to be set up to help one corporation’s benefits package to be more appealing than your closest competitors.

This means that large group medical insurance plans tend to leave gaps that can leave some employees with unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. Whereas our small group can be set up to cater to the specific needs of employees and their families.

What Does Small Group Medical Insurance Cover?

Small-group medical insurance policies typically cover preventive care, routine doctor visits, hospital stays, and a basic degree of prescription coverage. ERB offers customizable policies that employers can set up to cover specialized care.

We often provide policies that include coverage for things like dental, vision, mental health, and maternity coverage. ERB is also one of the leading providers of cancer insurance on the West Coast.

Are Small Group Medical Insurance Plans Affordable?

Small-group medical insurance plans tend to have lower premium costs and fewer out-of-pocket expenses than individual medical insurance plans. Most of our plans are set up to directly deduct from payroll, so members don’t have to worry about making monthly payments.

Why Small Group Medical Insurance Is Beneficial for Employers

Employers who offer small-group medical insurance also enjoy higher employee retention rates. Valued employees are likely to stay with your company when they know they have access to customizable affordable care, which might not be offered by your competitors.

It can also be a key tool for attracting new talent to your business. Individuals who need the kind of customizable policy that they simply can’t get from large-group medical insurance yet can afford the high premium costs of an individual medical insurance policy.

Partnering with an Industry Leader

ERB is one of the West Coast’s top small-group medical insurance providers. Our experts will work closely with you to understand the needs of your employees and customize the affordable policies they need.

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