SUI Claims Management

Get expert support disputing wrongful unemployment insurance claims in California 

As an employer in California, you must pay state unemployment insurance (SUI) taxes to provide income to out-of-work employees. However, sometimes ex-employees file dubious claims hoping to take advantage of the system. This is where our SUI claims management service helps. With decades of experience, we assist companies large and small in investigating suspicious claims and appealing denials to ensure you avoid unfair SUI tax hikes.

Protecting companies against fraudulent or erroneous SUI claims

What is SUI claims management?

SUI claims management is the process of thoroughly reviewing each employee unemployment claim to check validity and accuracy before approving payouts. Our SUI experts investigate work separations questioning if claimants truly qualify for income assistance per state regulations. If claims seem unwarranted, we dispute on the employer's behalf.

Why do we need SUI claims management?

Without SUI claims oversight, some ex-employees exploit the system by filing false claims hoping for easy paydays. Even with best intentions, the state sometimes approves doubtful claims incorrectly if HR documentation lacking for contested cases. These errors directly raise employer SUI tax rates unjustly. Proactive claims management prevents such situations

How do you determine if an SUI claim is valid?

We examine separation details including attendance records, performance reviews, workplace conduct issues and overall employer-employee relationship history to understand claim legitimacy fully. When doubts surface around resigned or discharged employee motives, we directly question claimants on reasons provided to CA Employment Development Department (EDD). Inconsistencies revealed strengthen appeal cases.

What if EDD approves a dubious unemployment claim? 

If EDD deems an unemployment claim eligible despite our valid disputes, immediate appeals should get filed. As employers, you only have 30 days contesting initially determined approvals of questionable claims. Our SUI experts prepare persuasive appeal packets comprehensively explaining erroneous EDD rulings adverse to employer interests. Winning just one appeal saves most California companies thousands in taxes yearly.

What results come from successful SUI claims management?

Consistent, rigorous unemployment claims oversight delivers three productive outcomes:

  1. Prevent fraudulent claims costing owners unearned dollars
  2. Avoid wrongful taxation inflated by unjustified payouts
  3. Maintain productive company culture not rewarding unwarranted separations

Think of us as your vigilant guard dog protecting against UI payment leaks compromising California businesses today.

Can you manage all aspects of ex-employee SUI claims?

Absolutely. As soon as an unemployment claim filed, we thoroughly investigate applying full employer-employee documentation accumulated over years partnered together. This leads to informed validity decisions on each distinct separation case. If credible reasons exist questioning claims, we handle dispute forms, fact gathering, appeal hearing preparations and follow-up entirely on clients’ behalf start to finish.

What information do you need from me as an employer?

Two things upfront: 1) Immediate notification when receive EDD Notice of Unemployment Claim Filed letters. Speed matters investigating latest allegations within 21 days typically permitted responding. 2) Prompt access to pertinent productivity reviews, corrective action warnings, attendance records, resignation letters or documented policy violations useful arguing improper claim eligibility. The more relevant examples provided, the stronger appeals we submit.


At ERB, no organization across Los Angeles, Pasadena, Long Beach, Riverside, San Bernardino or beyond remains too big or small for our customized SUI claims management servicing scrutinizing each employee separation on clients' behalves. Over years assisting California employers manage unemployment insurance costs, we’ve developed proven protocols uncovering doubtful claims prone to otherwise falling through cracks at great expense to business owners. Contact ERB to discuss options securing your bottom line against erroneous state UI penalties assessed region-wide.

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