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Payroll taxes remain one of the most burdensome administrative challenges facing HR departments. Developing deep knowledge across local, state, and federal filing intricacies consumes scarce time better spent on strategic initiatives. Yet non-compliance results in painful fines.

The solution? Partnering with specialized tax filing providers who seamlessly handle this critical but confusing recurring task on your behalf. Our automated accuracy and turnkey compliance frees you from paperwork headaches so you can focus on your people. Read on to learn how outsourced tax filing simplifies payroll processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payroll taxes need filing?

Payroll leaders must regularly remit federal income taxes, Social Security, Medicare, federal and state unemployment insurance, and disability insurance on behalf of employees. Reporting frequencies vary - some monthly, others quarterly. Don’t forget annual reconciliations and W-2s. Additionally, certain industries face further niche filings like tip taxes in hospitality or transit taxes in transportation. Our experts track the intricacies so you avoid missteps.

What reporting deadlines do we need to know?

Keeping pace with myriad payroll tax reporting deadlines across jurisdictions remains profoundly challenging, yet missing just one triggers rigid penalties erasing operational budgets. Mastering intricate calendars splitting local, state, and federal demands makes seasoned professionals essential partners.

For example, the IRS requires either monthly or semi-weekly federal tax deposits depending on amounts, reconciled through quarterly 941 returns and annual 940 FUTA filings on January 31st. However, state authorities enforce distinct timetables like California’s quarterly DE9 and DE9C reports. Don’t forget annual 1099 reconciliations and employee W-2 issuance by January 31st.

Additionally, entities like nonprofits face further specialized non-profit tax requirements like the PCORI fee or 501(c)3 exempt status filings. Sectional industries also pose niche reports like heavy highway vehicle use taxes. Simply keeping compliance calendars and versions organized eats resources quickly. Can your team recite form sequences instinctively? Our experts are immersed in this moving maze so you focus elsewhere.

How does outsourced tax filing help your organization?

Outsourcing liberates overloaded payroll teams from manually tracking complicated calendars and mining reporting data spread across systems. Leave it to specialists! Our integrated platforms automate accuracy freeing up 20 hours monthly per filer. This allows you to redirect precious internal capacity towards elevated strategic priorities expanding value organization-wide.

What technology and tools does your tax filing service leverage?

Our tech-forward service synthesizes payroll, bank account, and tax data onto a seamless cloud-based compliance dashboard updated in real-time. Robust automation handles document collection, storage, calculations, payments, and filing outreach. Proprietary auditing algorithms catch errors for prompt correction while machine learning modules continuously improve accuracy.

How does outsourced filing impact payroll managers?

Efficient technology is only half the story; skilled staff leverage tools optimally. Freed from reactive filing treadmills, payroll leaders now consult proactively on savings opportunities, policy impacts, and workforce analytics for key decisions makers. Redirect focus towards compensation planning, recruitment platform integrations, and other elevated initiatives aligned with core strategic objectives. Our teams handle filing while you drive strategy.


If uncomplicated payroll tax compliance is a priority for your Los Angeles organization, our team brings proven expertise and technology transforming this obligation into an advantage. Contact ERB to explore outsourced solutions taking the hassle out of payroll tax filing at scale so you can focus on big-picture workforce objectives. We serve the greater Los Angeles County area including Pasadena, Los Angeles, Riverside, Long Beach, and San Bernardino, CA.

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